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Saqib has an infectious energy that quickly catches all those around him. He will instantly make you feel at home, relevant, and loved. His humor will disarm you and his smile will make you feel like you are part of his own family.In the same way, his dance floor instigations light a fire that brings people together. He is an individual with a unique musical background and singular style of music and producers and dancers alike will tell you that you can easily pick out a Saqib DJ set and a Saqib track from the rest.

Saqib got his start in the music industry when he moved to NYC in 2013 (for that purpose) and became the first resident DJ for the famed Member’s Only. This was well timed with his first release on Audiofly’s Flying Circus via a compilation by Blondish. He cut his teeth playing records week in and week out from 2013, often sharing the decks with some of the biggest names in the industry including Lee Burridge, Audiofly, Behrouz, Bedouin and more. Over time, Saqib made his mark all over NYC dance floors, playing for CityFox, Bespoke Musik, ZERO, House of Yes, Output (now closed), Cielo now closed), Knockdown Center, and so many more.

Since his first EP in 2013, Saqib has put out more than 35 official releases consisting of more than 75 originals and remixes, hitting Beatport #1 in the genres of deep house, tech house, organic house, and minimal/ dub techno. These releases go alongside widely supported edits of Pink Floyd, Billie Eilish, David Bowie, The Doors, Dr. Dre, and more. Currently he works for Abracadabra, the label run by Blondish as a producer with an EP that made it to the Beatport Tech House and House top 10 charts as well as doing A+R. He has an upcoming EP with Abracadabra in 2023. He is also involved with Bye Bye Plastic’s DJ’s for climate action initiative.

Since the age of 12, Saqib has been a formal student of music, starting with guitar, bass and drums, playing in heavy metal bands from that age until 2009. Growing up in Pakistan, he picked up eastern classical music and sitar around the same time. With courses at school of audio engineering in NYC, Rutgers University, Point Blank Music Academy London, iO Music academy and DubSpot, Saqib has an extensive knowledge of music theory and music production that is constantly growing. As a passionate and disciplined perfectionist, Saqib embodies the picture of a musician on a lifelong creative journey; never stopping, never satisfied, always growing, ever changing. 2021 saw Saqib Listed in top 100 producers of the year by 1001 tracklists, a list featuring the artists who have made an impact in the industry and are leading the sound to new places. 2022 saw EP’s on Abracadabra and the start of his own record label, Beats On Time.

When you get Saqib, you get an individual who is real. No plastic, not fake, from the heart and full of LOVE!

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