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In the Burning Man of 8 years gone by, a story of two wanderers with a history for cross-pollinating the sounds of

yesterday with the sounds of tomorrow found their moment. With a shared taste in gourmet percussion, deep and rare

rhythms, and cosmic culture, what resulted was KMLN — one of the most time-bending and pulsating acts currently

circulating the global deep-eclectic house dance movement.

The international shapeshifting duo, KMLN (pronounced “Kameleon”) unites Italian producer/multi-instrumentalist

Christopher Tooker and Canadian /producer Shawna Hofmann. Find them singing, playing live bass, percussion,

looping or guest musicians, you never know what to expect, every show is different. As interplanetary travelers and

cultural explorers, the KMLN ship bends reality through sound, moving through tempos with layers and layers of mind

altering colors.

Last year alone, the KMLN ship landed in over 21 countries worldwide. Their shows have been experienced at some of

the most respected festivals including The BPM Festival, Miami Music Week, Amsterdam Dance Event, Lightning in a

Bottle, Global Eclipse, Art With Me, Summit Series, Air Festival, Art Basel, Symbiosis Gathering, Shambhala,

Wonderfruit, The Gardens Of Babylon, Subsonic, Meadows in the Mountains and legendaryBurning Man art cars such

as Robot Heart and Mayan Warrior. Venues worth mentioning are Watergate, The Brooklyn Mirage, Flash Club, Klein,

The Grand Factory, Scorpios, Woomoon, Papaya Playa, Do Not Sit on the Furniture, Monarch, Public Works,

Katerblau, Open Studios and Sisyphos.

With continuous support received from artists such as Solomun, Acid Pauli, Damian Lazarus, &ME, Rampa, David

Meyer, Bedouin, they've also collaborated musically with artists including Mira, Nico Stojan, NU, Sabo, Viken Arman,

Francesca Lombardo, Eduardo de La Calle, Christopher Schwarzwalder and their music isfound on labels such as

Crosstown Rebels , Sol Selectas, Bar25, Touch of Class and Endless.

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