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Born in bear country on the Atnarko River in Northern Canada, Atnarko channels his inner bear as he deejays and produces hypnotic dance music straight from the heart of the beast. Atnarko is considered a legend of the underground house music scene in the south. He is known for his DJ sets that extend into the wee hours of the morning, taking adventurous partygoers deep into his musical den.

He also produced some of the early breaks records that defined the genre as it was emerging. These include the classic, “Tunnel Vision,” cited as an early influence by Maceo Plex, among others. As his career developed, he went on to produce many records and moved into other genres, most notably house and techno. With close to 200 releases appearing on a wide variety of labels, Atnarko’s paw prints are firmly planted in dance music.

His label, Infiltr8:Celebr8, continues to set the pace for underground events in Orlando, booking dance music friends and heroes with great success, expanding, and elevating the city’s culture. He continues to walk this path, playing and producing music he loves, regardless of boundaries. Atnarko has told his musical story far and wide over his long career and he would love to tell it to you.

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