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Clarian is a contrarian and a surrealist weirdo, a science fiction purist and contributor, mixing and mastering electronic engineer, and dj / live performer with a unique indefinable energy. He goes his own way whether dark storms, abandoned warehouses, or misanthropic dive bars. His strange and distinguishable melodic and surreal touches has extended to a wide creatively vibrant dance labels from the very beginnings of Visionquest (Detroit) Life n Death (Italy) Rumors (Ibiza) FOF (Montreal) to engineering and contributions for such mainstays as Ninja Tunes via. Counter, Kompakt, and Turbo. He has collaborated records with Tiga, Felix Da Housecat, Jamie Principle, Guy Gerber, Henry Saiz and Guy J. In his free time he plays chess and collects interesting ornaments..

Cited as a producer’s producer, Clarian has contributed on wide reaching platforms in communities globally. From the volcanic emergence of Detroit’s Visionquest, to the surgical and darker spectrums of Life and Death. Clarian’s distinctive influence shines through with versatility both as a musician and songwriter without being pigeonholed. With contributions ranging from the deeper hues of Ibiza’s Rumours showcased by his “Fear And Self Loathing EP” to creative techno fixtures such as Kompakt and Turbo Recordings are all testaments to Clarian’s reach for his signature sound. Clarian’s longstanding work and in-depth experience as a mixing and mastering engineer in sought-after studios has furthered his own quiet evolution to the craft.

Clarian has produced and collaborated with forward thinking artists and labels over the years in a quietly quilted and dependable tone while establishing his very own musical universe resonating at its own frequency of spacey worlds, left-turns, and interconnected pools of electronic of bliss, melancholy or inner dystopian atmospheres. Clarian’s music catalog is an impressive and expanding universe leaving a unique trace for listeners and clubbers to freely follow and explore without the need to continuously label it.

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