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Dory and her mid-western suburban massive became the underage proselytizers of dance music history in the making. She has lived the culture with love, dedication and happiness rooted in the Midwest scene of lore, and by happenstance followed the lead of Mark Farina and Derrick Carter DJing at WNUR Radio as a DJ, and then carved new spaces launching her own parties.

While moving her home base between many cities - San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles and Zurich, Dory was a resident for Listed Productions. Along with Naveen G, Atish, Nikita, Hoj and Mike Khoury they became the foundation of Listed's events around the US, focusing on the party-goer's experience while never taking themselves too seriously.

Dory now lives in Brooklyn, where she has been a resident of the Cityfox Experience for the past 5 years. She has been a fixture of the brand's events at the Brooklyn Mirage at Avant Gardner, the affiliated new events venue that has already drawn thousands to revel under the stars in the middle of an industrial zone in Bushwick.

While always experimenting with different sounds, she has a love of big basslines and edgy melodies that have set the stage for some of the industry's top established and emerging artists, including the likes of Adriatique, Mathew Jonson, Sandrino, Martin Buttrich, Thugfucker, Tim Engelhardt and Midas 104.

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