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N/UM (pronounced noom) is a New York-based live electronic trio using analog synthesizers and drum machines, guitar and voice in live composition. The trio have come to be regarded as modern pioneers of electronic live music with their fully improvised live sets, featuring the most classic of analog electronic instruments available, mixed with vocals and guitar for a truly genre-bending experience.

Each performance or recording by N/UM is unique and improvised, with no pre-composed songs, no plan or structure agreed upon. The group unites three longtime friends who have always shared a deep passion for electronic music. They are five-time Grammy Award winning mastering engineer and producer Jeremy Loucas, guitarist of world-renowned rap group Residente (Calle 13) Elias Meister and Danish multi instrumentalist and producer/DJ Emil Bovbjerg (VAVAV). The three, having recorded and performed together in different formations over the past decade, have emerged as a solid musical unit as N/UM, capable of capturing major dance floors around the world while bringing the unique immediacy and spontaneity of improvisation to places where it is rarely heard: festivals, nightclubs and underground warehouse-parties. Recent shows for Summer 2021 include Robot Heart, Aftermoth New York and Resolute with upcoming dates at Art With Me Miami 2021 and Fusion Festival 2022.

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