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They may be called “FORMERLY” but this four-person supergroup represents the present.

The accomplished artists are none other than Anstascia, Philipp Jung, Kenny Glasgow, and Holmar “Acid Tourist” former members of the duos BLOND:ISH, M.A.N.D.Y., Art Department, and Thugfucker.

While the veteran artists enjoyed international success in their respective ensembles, they each separated to pursue their own creative visions at around the same time. Coincidence? Few things in this universe are. Having already become thick as thieves meeting at festivals and clubs over the years, fate brought the motley crew together in a cosmic experience along the mountainous Pakistan-China border where the concept of ‘Formerly’ was incepted. Together they will explore their combined synergy, sounds, and collective consciousness - expect a colorful journey of music that investigates the past, present, future perfect, present perfect continuous, as well as of course the conditional and subjunctive. You might even say things could get “in tense”. Expect to see this all-star crew at festivals and clubs across the globe, paving the next step in their careers - no longer ‘formerly,’ but formally “Formerly”.

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