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written by Jack O'Shaughnessy

On the same day Dolly Parton, Janis Joplin, Edgar Allan Poe, his mother and grandmother were born, so too did San Francisco DJ, NIKITA, begin his enchanted existence. As a young boy in Denver, Colorado, NIKITA's childhood was similar to that of other extraordinary creative youth; days filled with church and show choir, playing the piano, and dancing to his mother's R&B albums. From an early age, NIKITA always knew he wanted to be an entertainer. Then, in 1993, a chance encounter with house music at an underground warehouse party would prove to be a pivotal moment in his life, ultimately guiding NIKITA towards the charmed life he lives today.

It wasn't until the turn of the millennium though that NIKITA would leave his home in Colorado to search the clubs and warehouses of San Francisco for his destiny. At the very least, he would get a degree in Music Business from San Francisco State University. But with a resounding perseverance and an inimitable personality, NIKITA quickly earned his place among the upper echelon of DJs in San Francisco's world-renowned club scene. In 2005, NIKITA was chosen to host his own radio show, The Massive Mix, on Northern California's only electronic dance music radio station, Energy 92.7 FM. Indeed, it was NIKITA's penchant for blending raw grooves with sophisticated sounds that garnered him a residency at San Francisco's legendary nightclub, The EndUp. Today NIKITA credits SF as the city that made him the adult and artist that he is today...

NIKITA is a DJ's DJ, a rare soul who truly understands his role in the DJ booth. Performing anywhere from two to eighteen hour sets, NIKITA weaves music into fantastic journeys of rhythm and sound. NIKITA's ability to contrast the harder elements of techno with the soulful sensuality of deep house has garnered him accolades from some of the world's best DJs and allowed him the rare opportunity to tag team alongside the likes of Cassy, Danny Howells, Lee Burridge, and Derek Plaslaiko. Indeed, NIKITA has played with a Who's Who of international talent, including Craig Richards, M.A.N.D.Y., Joel Mull, Adam Beyer, Steve Bug, Damian Lazurus, Honey Dijon, and many, many more. With additional inspiration coming from friends such as David Harness and Danny Tenaglia, it comes as no wonder why NIKITA's story is one of a dream come true.

Today, NIKITA and music partner, RAY ZUNIGA (Co-founder and label owner of ​Touch of Class Records​), produce an international music experience called Their events started as an underground in Brooklyn, and they’ve taken the brand to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, and Europe for Amsterdam Dance Event for the past two years. In 2018, WeArePulse declared LIVING as one of the Top10 events at ADE.

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