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Galen founded Sunset Sound System by setting up a generator and speakers at a park in Berkeley, California every Sunday to spin records he didn’t get a chance to play anywhere else. Word spread and soon crowds into the thousands we’re dancing and picnicking while watching the sun set behind the San Francisco skyline. Today, Sunset Sound System is on the move with incredible boat and outdoor parties as well as the annual internationally acclaimed Sunset Campout Festival.

Galen developed his signature sound through these weekly jams and as well as his technically proficient yet fluid dj style. The psychedelic music scene of 90s San Francisco provided a launching point to his extensive vinyl collection that spans many genres from classic disco to post-punk to roots reggae and modern house music. His sets can travel a diverse range yet maintain a conscious groove of cohesiveness, always appropriate to the time and place. They are thoughtful, yet never pre-planned, with artfully-timed track selections that spark any dance floor, appealing to the old school just as much as the new. Galen has toured extensively in his career throughout the United States as well major clubs and festivals in Europe, Central America, and Asia.

Galen curated the music for Sunset Sound System takeovers for 2 stages at the European festivals Meadows In the Mountains in Bulgaria and Love International in Croatia. He is also playing dates in across the West and East Coast of the US as well as across Europe.

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