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Bilal, a child actor, first became fascinated with audio and sound during a radio interview on his village’s community station, when the morning DJ let him select a record to play. He was exposed to dance music through the cassette tapes his uncles gave him in the late 90s. It was at that moment and point of his life that he decided to put his child acting career on hold and follow the music.

Growing up and moving around the world his college days were spent in Atlanta, then Chicago, and now New York. He considers himself lucky to have had such influence around him to be able to seek out and select the most tasteful, left-of-center tracks that cream crotch across all the genres.

Bilaliwood is not big enough to receive an inbox full of promos, but one day he will become not only the tallest, but also the heaviest DJ (out of many) in Brooklyn! He hopes you, the listener, will enjoy what you hear and maybe, just maybe, jump up and down!

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